A fine art that we have perfected over the years. Custom Creations is well-know for their airbrush work.

Paint by Custom Creations

Modern Airbrushing

Adding a touch of personalisation

Airbrushing is a specialized techinque where an artist uses a small air-gun known as an air-brush as an artist would use a brush. A fine mist of paint is used to create realistic designs and artwork.

Airbrushing is a very specialized artform where extreme levels of patience and accuracy are required. Airbrushing however is a unique way of really creating a one off custom paint job since no two air brush jobs are the same. At Custom Creations we have been offering airbrushing for over 20 years. We can virtually re-create any design on any panel on a motorcycle.

Paint by Custom Creations


A classic favourite that never goes out of style

Since the 70’s flames have been a classic favourite on cars and motorcycles. Flames don’t necessarily need to be portrayed in their normal colours, very often they portraid in vibrant colours that match the build and it’s colour scheme.

Airbrushing flames is a true art and something that not everybody can master, it takes years of practice and dedication to trully master the art of airbrushing flames.

Paint by Custom Creations

Intricate details

Let your imagination run wild!

There is almost no limit to the art we can produce with airbrushing. This opens up a whole new world to customizing your motorcycle. One is able to create specific themes around the motorcycle to make it totally unique. Our experience with airbrushing is such that we are comfortable in our abilities to undertake any job required.

Paint by Custom Creations

Brand Loyalty

Express how much you love your motorcycle

A really unique way of expressign brand loyalty whether it be Harley Davidson, Indian, Honda, Triumph or any other brand, is to incorparte the brand logo with custom artwork. This could be artwork from years gone by, modern artwork or anything your imagination desires.

it’s a really cool way to make your motorcycle unique and set it apart from the competition. 

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