Electroluminescent Paint

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New Paint Technology.

Electroluminescent Paint is brand new paint technology and Exclusive to C.C.M.W with us being the sole importer and distributor for this new amazing product.
Having this brand new “Light up” paint applied on almost any surface creates a masterpiece guaranteed to impress and blow your audiences mind!

How it Works:

Electroluminescent Paint is powered directly from your vehicles 12v battery, be it your motorcycle, car or even your boat.
Here at C.C.M.W we have trained staff to safely wire the product on your vehicle to avoid any short circuit or feedback into your vehicles wiring system. This product can in no way effect your electrical wiring system as we create it’s own independent wiring harness.
As this paint is wired through a switch, you choose when you want the paint to either be glowing, flickering or not visible at all, with you even choosing the speed at which it flickers.
This product is available in almost any colour and can be applied in any design imaginable.
Get ready to make your bike, car or boat a guaranteed show stopper!
Pricing available on request.
Please fill out the contact form and give us as much information possible regarding your vehicle and design.
We will be in contact with you regarding cost and timeframe.


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