BMW Bobber Tank Airbrushed


Airbrushed blue ghost flames done on Harley Davidson Tank, front fender and rear fender


Harley Davidson custom painted and Airbrushed in an American Flag theme with the Eagle Head on both sides of the Tank.


Suzuki Boulevard Airbrushed with “Real Flames” look on the front mudguard and rear seat cowl the Dragon airbrushed on the tank.


Honda VT750 customised to suite the rider

Front footpegs were modified and moved forward and a Honda Shadow Tank was fitted to give the motorcycle more of a chopper look.

Black ghost flames were airbrushed over the front mudguard, tank sides and rear mudguard with a “Lady’s face changing into a skull” on the top of the tank.

Custom Suzuki Boulevard

Custom Suzuki Boulevard painted black with a MATT Clear coat finish. The Skull and Cross Bones were airbrushed on the tank with subtle “Ghost Flames” giving the effect that the skull is on fire with the “Ghost Flames” flowing towards the back in the wind. The front mudguard, headlight cover and tail piece were also airbrushed with subtle “Ghost Flames” to tie the tanks design into the rest of the motorcycle.


Custom Suzuki Hayabusa

Custom Suzuki Hayabusa airbrushed in a “Joker” theme (Design supplied by client) with the Jokers face airbrushed on both sides of the Motorcycle. The black paint fades out onto the white using “Airbrushed Flames” which brake off and run right through to the back of the motorcycle. The Black and White split design definitely creates a different look which makes people look twice.

Custom Kawasaki ZX-9R

Custom Kawasaki ZX-9R airbrushed for a HUGE “SHARKS” fan. The client didn’t want the typical “Rugby Supporter” theme and took it to the next level asking us to Airbrush a “Real Shark” in water over the sides of the motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Tank

Harley Davidson Tank which we airbrushed with a flaming skull on. The “Harley Davidson” was also airbrushed which gives you a smooth finish with no ridges of decals.

Custom Kawasaki Z1000

Custom Kawasaki Z1000 which we customised head to toe. The complete body kit including the tank was “Carbon Fibre” dipped and we airbrushed a “Metal riveted panel” design over the Carbon. The client wanted to personalise his motorcycle even more by adding a “Joker Skull” airbrushed on the front mudguard.

Wolf Airbrushed

Harley Davidson in standard matt black which the client wanted to personalise. The client supplied us with a picture of a wolf which we airbrushed on his Harley’s top fairing.

Airbrushed Dolphins

Airbrushed Guitar

Airbrushed Harley Davidson Eagle

Pin up Girl Airbrushed

Airbrushed Skull Harley

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