Hydro Carbon Fibre Coating

This is a process by which we take any “paintable” surface and give it a “ Carbon Fibre “ look.  The process begins with proper preparation of the part to be Carbon Fibre Coated. From there the part is spray painted and “Carbon Fibre dipped”. Once this process has been successfully completed, the part is given a protective layer of paint by means of Clear Coat.

Parts which can be “Carbon Fibre Coated” on Motorcycles include everything which can be spray painted for example:

  • Complete body kit including fuel tank.
  • Wheels
  • Footrest’s & Footrest Brackets
  • Huggers and Chain guards
  • Swingarms
  • Helmets 


We have “Carbon Coated “ a number of parts on car’s as well such as:

  • Mags / Rims
  • Bumpers
  • Spoilers
  • Panel Trimmings
  • Dash Panels
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