Hydro Dipping

A complex process of applying designs and textures to 3D objects

Paint by Custom Creations

Take your project to the next level

Hydro Dipping done in-house.

Hydro Dipping is a process by adding patterns and designs to 3D objects using a bath of water and special chemicals. Custom Creations were one of the first custom shops to offer this service years ago when it was first introduced.
Hydro dipping allows us to add carbon fibre patters to panels which is very popular in the motorcycle world.

Once the panel is dipped it’s then given a protective clear coat. The clear coat can be polished to a shine or we can also do a matt clear coat for a more subdued realistic look. Hydro dipping is done in-house as an option.

Paint by Custom Creations

Let your imagination run wild

Any part is a candidate for Hydro Dipping

Virtually any 3D part can be dipped. Now you can add accents of carbon fibre to your motorcycle. On the left is an older BMW GS that got a modern facelift by adding carbon to certain panels. The logo was done in the same pattern for a completed look.

Done correctly hydro dipping can really add a touch of modern to virtually any build.

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