We know paint

Over the years we have experimented with paint application techniques, new paints and processes. The best results are obtained with a base coat, clear coat process. All our paint work is applied using this method.

Our services

As a custom paint shop there’s not much we can’t do in terms of customization. We work with the client in terms of overall design by assisting with ideas and concept from beginning to end. We keep the client in the loop every step of the way to ensure a clear path of process.

Our services include:

* Complete Resprays
* Panel repairs - plastic welding
* Insurance repairs
* Custom painting of wheels 
* Custom painting of helmets
* Airbrushing
* Hydro Dipping
* Photoshop Renders
* FREE Collection and delivery within a 10km radius

Main Services

Paint by Custom Creations

Airbrushing is a specialist offering that we have been doing for over 3 decades.

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Paint by Custom Creations

The process of returning the motorcycle back to it’s original form just as from the factory.

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Paint by Custom Creations

We deal with all major insurance companies to repair your motorcycle to it’s original state.

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Paint by Custom Creations

What we most known for, building one off customs exactly as you want it.

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The process


This is a crucial part of the process, probably the most crucial to ensure a high quality finish that will last for years to come. Panels are chemically cleaned and any old paint that may react negatively to our paint products is first removed. The surface is then prepared and sanded several times over to ensure the panel is absolutelty perfect and ready for paint. Normally the preparation process will last several days for a complete motorcycle respray.

 Base Coat

There has never been a colour we have not been able to match! We do all our colour matching in-house unless we have an OEM code where we then order the paint pre-mixed in the correct colour. Applying the base coat evenly is a true art, one we have perfected over the years.

 Clear Coat

The final step in the process. The application of the clear coat will ensure the base coat remains protected for years to come. This is also where the shine is added. The deep shine comes from hours of colour sanding with very fine sandpaper. Once the surface is ready it is polished over and over until a deep shin is achieved. The advantage of clear coat is that small scratches obtained later can always be sanded and polished out for a “just painted” look.

Paint by Custom Creations

Full Custom

Suzuki Hyabusa

This award winning bike had a complete motor out paint job that took 2 months to complete. The entire bike recieved attention including painting the frame, tripple clamps, top clamp and wheels. The paintwork features dry flake which is applied dry and covered in a tinted clear coat.

The iconic Hyabusa logo was all hand airbrushed into the design. A trully unique build that has won custom bike competitions throughout South Africa.

Paint by Custom Creations

Rat Rods

Rust never looked this good

A very popular form of customization is “Rat Rods”. This form of customization is quite ironic since thousands are spent to make a bike look old! We age the paint, create a mixture of real and false rust and accesorize the bike  with items dating back to the same era of the bike.

Most of the rust visible is actually air brushed on, all the details are then protected with a coat of matt clear coat. Other items actually undergo a real rusting process with special chemicals to speed up the rusting process.

Paint by Custom Creations

Custom Helmets

Match your helmet to your bike

We don’t just paint bikes! Helmets are a very big part of what we do. Most customers want to match their helmets to their new custom motorcycle. Some just want to brand their helmet the same as their motorcycle. Others want a complex custom paint job celebrating an event in their life.

The process of painting a helmet is the same as painting a motorcycle part, the end result is a beautiful helmet that looks like it was purchased like that.

Paint by Custom Creations

Custom Wheels

A new form of expression

A lot of customers choose to only paint the wheels on their motorcycle. More often than not it’s to match the paintwork on their bike. Most bikes came out the factory with a simple but boring paint job, mostly one colour, while the bike has 2 or more colours.

Painting wheels is a specialized job since wheels do take a lot of abuse in terms of road debris etc. So an extra thick coat of clear is often needed to protect the wheels.

Paint by Custom Creations

Factory Resprays

Just the way it was meant to be

Some bikes are just born classics! Customers often bring us rare classic gems from years gone by that they just want to restore their original glory. This process is quite intense since it involves finding the correct colours, the correct process and exactly the correct layout.

More often than not it involves studying photos of original bikes and spending hours to correctly replicate how the bike would have looked straight out the factory.

Paint by Custom Creations

Crash Repairs

Bringing your bike back to life

We deal with all major insurance companies to repair accident damaged bikes back to their original form. We use original OEM parts where allowed and follow the highest standards to ensure your bike is as safe as it was new. 

We also offer on site quotations for inurance purposes.

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We are an accredited Motorcycle Repair Shop


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